About Stephen Kerr

Horsham Footcare Specialist

Stephen Kerr - Horsham Footcare Specialist

In my earlier career, I worked for an international airline where I enjoyed working and helping people.  However, my passion was always about becoming a footcare professional.

Therefore, when the opportunity came at early retirement, I decided to fulfil my ambition and undertook my training at the SMAE Institute at Maidenhead where I qualified as a Foot Health Professional.

The SMAE Institute was founded in 1919 and has been providing accredited training for many foot health professionals over the years. As a qualified Foot Health Professional, I am able to deal with all common foot problems.

Following qualification, I set up my footcare clinic at the Carfax Dental Practice at 18, Carfax, Horsham, West Sussex and provided treatment from the clinic for many years, while also operating a home visit service.

Today, I offer only a home visit service. I work to a high standard where the patients’ comfort and safety is paramount. I am fully insured and bound by the rules and regulations of The British Association of Foot Health Professionals.

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